Seminars / Trainings for partner churches

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On May 3-5, 2018, the training took place for the workers from the day centers within the TPCM organization. These were special and special days for both the participants and the entire organizing team.

Training for day center workers in the Republic of Moldova is organized twice a year. The purpose of the trainings is to increase the knowledge of dedicated people who want to work with children, to increase the performance of the teams within the Day Centers. The great desire is to equip the partner churches with those necessary to serve the children and young people in the community, to be as efficient as possible and to be as equipped as possible with knowledge in the necessary fields in the work: social assistance, pedagogy, collaboration with LPA, team work.

Coming from different regions of Moldova, the participants had the opportunity to be part of three joint seminars: Evaluation of CdZ activities from September 2017 – April 2018, Teamwork, Reporting; and three seminars with team distribution (depending on the duration of the day center activation): Day Center Model / Problems and needs of the socially vulnerable family, Homework – exchange of experience / Minimum standards of functioning of CdZ, Working with parents / Children’s rights.

Many surprises were prepared for the participants, including: the diploma of thanks to each church for the partnership with TPCM in the work of CdZ, a cup for each participant with the logo of the organization. During their free time, the participants had rest, games and sports activities.

In training, people become better, better prepared to face all the obstacles they face in the growth and development of Day Centers. And when people are prepared, then the work is more efficient

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