Board of Trustees


Ruslan Stanga (Chairman)

Ruslan Stânga has lead the Centre for Resources and Consultation “Ograda Noastră” from Cahul from 2003-2012. From 2013-2015 he activated as Consultant to the Prime-minister in the Social domain. Currently Ruslan works for the Angello Development Foundation. “My activity for YFC Moldova is an honour for me and an opportunity to contribute to the process of giving ‘taste’ to society, motivating churches and Christians to get involved in social projects that transform people and communities”.

Ruslan is married and has two children. Citește mai mult...


Lucia Gavrilita

Lucia Gavrilita is the founder and the director of “Speranta” Centre (since 2000). She has substantially contributed to the development of early intervention and support services for children with disabilities in the Republic of Moldova. The model has been used by many groups of specialists, parents and Local Public Authorities for developing similar services for children with disabilities in their communities.

Lucia is married and has two children Citește mai mult...


Serghei Aculov

Serghei Aculov is Special projects manager with Mission without Borders Moldova and Co-pilot at Air Moldova. He has a wealth of experience in ministry, having been involved in church ministry since 1996 and with humanitarian projects since 1998.

Serghei is married and has three children. Citește mai mult...

Vadim Pasnicenco

Vadim Pasnicenco is Manager of Technical Projects at Castle Malting and a Youth leader at the Filadefia church in Chișinău. He’s an active blogger on: Citește mai mult...


Iuri Sîrtmaci

Iuri Sîrtmaci was part of the first team of YFC Moldova, working with kids on the streets in Chișinău. He graduated from Moldova Bible Seminary in 2001 where he now serves as the dean of students. He is an ordained minister at Kishinev Bible Church and the director of the "TROPOS" organization. Iuri is married and has two children, a boy and a girl. Citește mai mult...


Serghei Mihailov

Serghei Mihailov as Assistant Director at the organization “The Beginning of Life” At the Betania church (Chișinău) he and his wife are involved in ministry with young families. Citește mai mult...


Harald Aalbers

Harald Aalbers is from the Netherlands, but has been living in Moldova since 1998. He contributed to the establishment and development of YFC Moldova in different ways, from 2008 till 2015 as National Director. Currently he works with YFC Eastern Europe to develop the ministry with Children at Risk in the region and volunteers for YFC Moldova. He’s married and has four children. Citește mai mult...


Lucia Hmelic.

Lucia Hmelic contributed to the establishment and development of YFC Moldova in different roles from 1999 till 2008, with the main priority to develop the Children at Risk project. From 2008 she was National director of the organization Sweet Sleep, implementing a variety of projects in child care institutions in partnership with the Moldovan Baptist Union. Currently Lucia works as Assistant to Valeriu Ghilețschi, Member of Parliament.

Lucia is married and has two children. Citește mai mult...


Paul Gilmore

Paul Gilmore first visited Moldova in 2003 and has been involved with YFC Moldova ever since. As well as being on the board he is involved with the Oak House project. From 2005 – 2014 he was part of the YFC Eastern Europe office. Currently he is Operations Manager for New Horizon, which is a week-long Christian conference in N Ireland in August that over 4000 people attend.

Paul Gilmore lives in Northern Ireland, is married and has 4 children. Citește mai mult...



Pupazan Vitalie - Executive Director

It is a special privilege from God to work in a young team which is devoted to the ministry. Youth for Christ Moldova is an organisation that desires to contribute to enlarging God's Kingdom among our people by supporting local churches.

Vitalie is married and has two children. Citește mai mult...


Clapaniuc Eugenia - Chief operations

I identify with the goals of the organisation, I am part of the YFC family, celebrating joyful events and passing through challenges.

Eugenia is married and has two boys. Citește mai mult...


Porubin Anastasia - Accountant

I am here only because God wanted this. Citește mai mult...


Furtuna Pavel - Administrator

I know God calls us to administer in an efficient way. I am glad to serve Him. Citește mai mult...

Children at Risk


Bacaliuc Iulian - Regional coordinator, South region

It is an opportunity for me to serve in a Christian organisation with a beautiful vision for the young generation and with an impact in society.

Iulian is married and has one child. Citește mai mult...


Gheorghian Mihai - Regional coordinator, Centre-North region

I work here because the entire team loves the young generation and together we work to reach them for God.

Mihai is married and expecting his first child.Citește mai mult...

Oak House


Banaru Larisa - Manager

A smile through tears, a hug after long heart to heart talks, another solved problem today, another solved problem tomorrow, a simple thank you..., grateful faces... these are reasons why I keep going and not only! People, who have never experienced true God's love, have never known His holy warmness, parental comfort and rebuke of the Spirit, it excites me even more! I pray for this ministry, it has become a part of my life, a part of my family. I ask GOd for endurance and blessings upon everyone who is involved in this sppecial project... "Oak House." Citește mai mult...


Anastas Ala - Social Pedagogue

God prepared me for this ministry, I saw His steps in my life, he gave me the abilities to serve and that is what I like to do.

Ala is a single mother and has one boy. Citește mai mult...


Lusmanscaia Olga - Social Pedagogue

To share what I can and to gain experience. Citește mai mult...


Cristina Goncearuc - Social Assistant

We are called to serve. I like talking to the young generation as I am a part of it. I like my ministry and my motto is: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phil. 4:13. Citește mai mult...

Come and See


Pavliuc Sergiu - Manager

To contribute to the development of the children and youth to know God and experience His love.

Sergiu is married and has 6 children. Citește mai mult...


Covas Ina - Manager

I like the vision and the ministry areas of the organisation.

Ina is married and has one child. Citește mai mult...


Scutelnic Tatiana - Manager

We are doing an important ministry with a special team.

Tatiana is married and has one child. Citește mai mult...


Mindru Anna - Asistent Social

I like these children and understood they need lots of love and goodness, which I can offer them. Citește mai mult...


Pop Tatiana - Educator

To bring a ray of light in the life of the children and their parents.Citește mai mult...


Mindru Iulita - Bucătar

I like to cook and serve God through this as well as the children coming to the centre.

Iulita is married, has 4 children and one grandchild. Citește mai mult...


Covas Eleonora - Housekeeper

To help with what I can from whole my heart, as for the Lord.

Eleonora is married, has 4 children and 2 grandchildren. Citește mai mult...


Scutelnic Adrian - Driver

To find out more about children with disabilities and to enjoy working in a team of Christians.

Andrian is married and has one child. Citește mai mult...


Plotnic Sergiu - Physical therapist-masseur

I like to help children to feel well physically as well as spiritually. I like to work in a Christian team.

SSergiu is married and has one child. Citește mai mult...


Cusnirenco Raisa - Educator

I am glad that I can be a part of these children's world, the warm and sunny world where everyone shares their love. Citește mai mult...


Filaretov Angela - Meloterapeut

I believe God called me to work here. Citește mai mult...


Luiza Artiomenco - Logoped

I like what I do, I like to be useful for these children. I really like to work in a team that is wide open, friendly and has high moral values. Citește mai mult...

Resources and Development


Borta Olga - Manager

I like what I do and that I am able to serve God through this. The values and principles of the organization are close to my own, this makes me happy to do the work I do. Citește mai mult...


Vacari Sergiu - Data Operator

I believe it was God's will for me to be part of this team. I like exploring new things. I want to use my knowledge for YFC to do ministry and spread the Gospel with more ease and more efficiency.

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