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New Generation: A programme to equip young leaders to share their faith and become active in their communities.

About the project: This project aims to equip a new generation of leaders, who will communicate the Gospel with confidence and meet social needs in communities all over the country. Participants are trained by a well-structured curriculum provided through an e-learning platform, combined with conferences and guided practice. A big part of the information will be transmitted online, in text, audio or video format and through participation at an on-line forum.

Participants: Young people from local churches with potential and desire to develop their leadership skills.

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  • To equip a new generation of young leaders
  • To involve them in spreading the Gospel in Word and Deed

Conferences: Each year two conferences will be organized with the following aims:

  • Consolidation of the knowledge acquired through e-learning
  • Spiritual growth of the participants
  • Challenging the participants to take action, get involved and apply their new knowledge and skills
  • Exchange of experience and ideas. Mutual encouragement.

Guided practice: Twice a year the participants will be challenged to get involved in an evangelical or social initiative in their community. Around Christmas YFC will come up with some ideas for this involvement, while during the summer the participants are invited to come up with their own ideas, which they will turn into a project proposal with a concrete action plan. During the implementation phase YFC will monitor the progress and provide consultancy. The most promising proposal will be rewarded with some finances by YFC.

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